Property Division

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Property Division

Torrance Property Division Attorney Kevin Kensik Law. Property, Assets, Debts, Financial Accounts, and other Personal and Real Property.

One of the most complex and frustrating parts of a divorce is the division of property, assets, debts, financial accounts, and other personal and real property.

Torrance Property Division Attorney

Torrance Property Division Attorney


Attorney Kevin J. Kensik is skilled and experienced in cases involving a range of marital estates from couples with no property to couples and families with extensive holdings, businesses, estates, and complex, high asset cases.  In these cases, Mr. Kensik extensively utilizes the services and works hand-in-hand with financial professionals including Forensic Accountants, C.P.A’s, Financial Planners, Actuaries, and other financial professions.

Specifically, Attorney Kensik often needs these professionals for the following problems:

  • Establishing both parties incomes to calculate Alimony and Child Support;
  • Reviewing “Cash flow” and income, particularly for self-employed individuals;
  • Reviewing “Cash flow” to determine business income;
  • Reviewing business records to determine business value;
  • Valuing assets such as real property, antiques, jewelry, and retirement funds.

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Our Law Firm accomplishes this by thoroughly evaluating all the details of a client’s case, including the circumstances that gave rise to the dispute, the financial circumstances of the client and his or her spouse, parent-child relationships, and overall family dynamics. By striving to understand each client’s unique fears regarding his or her family law dispute, and his or her goals for resolution our Law Firm can then craft strategic legal campaigns that effectively resolve disputes and help clients achieve their financial and familial objectives. After all, it’s your life; you should be involved in the decision-making process.