Common Reasons for Divorce

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Common Reasons for Divorce

Common Reasons for Divorce – Torrance Divorce Attorney.  Today’s guest blog is by Sahn Law Firm – Attorneys at Law. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Attorney Kevin Kensik.

Common Reasons for Divorce

Common Reasons for Divorce

About 50% of marriages in the U.S end up in divorce or separation. Couples that marry young (late teens and early twenties) are more prone to break up because most of them are not prepared for a long term commitment. Every divorce is different, so we cannot compare any two relationships. Sometimes people marry for the wrong reasons and may not actually be in love. Whatever the reason, divorce can be immensely devastating for one or both of the parties; complications multiply if the couple had children together. Divorce lawyers in California discuss the top five reasons for divorce in the U.S:

Compatibility Issues

Two people marry each other spontaneously in the name of love, believing that nothing else matters. In reality, several factors play a role in attaining a successful marriage. At the beginning of relationships, it is normal to only focus on the positives. As time passes, the negatives begin to show, and ‘love’ is no longer sufficient for staying afloat. Personal differences such as dissimilar opinions, hobbies, and religions become an obstacle. Many relationships are built upon friendship and post-marriage the couple realizes that they were better off as friends only. Lack of support from peers and family further aggravates the situation, as neither spouse is ready to rationalize or compromise.

Extramarital Affairs

Family law attorney claims that cheating and insincerity is the leading cause of divorce in the U.S. Many couples drift apart after living with each other for years. Sometimes the husband loses interest in his wife when she gains weight after childbirth. On the contrary, a wife might find her husband unattractive after he becomes bald or stops caring about his appearance. Sometimes an individual simply falls for someone new and no longer cares for that person they spoke their vows with a while ago. The new somebody in their life could be younger, have a more interesting personality/occupation, or even be more understanding towards them.

Change in Priorities

Several couples who marry young grow into very different people. Things that they once adored about their partner start to feel insignificant. They feel unhappy with their past choices because they want a different life. When a person matures, a change in priorities is natural. While some are ready to give up on their dreams for the one they love, others are not willing to make the sacrifice.

Financial Problems

Money is the necessary evil of our lives and it is the root cause of many everyday problems. If one spouse prefers to live in the moment and spend lavishly, while the other is concerned about saving for, after retirement, a bundle of arguments is due. Both partners in a marriage are supposed to share their finances and consult each other before making an investment. If one spouse earns a lot more than the other or becomes unemployed, disputes are anticipated. Similarly, nobody wants to be held accountable for his or her partner’s unforeseen debt.

Domestic Violence

Charleston, SC domestic violence attorney conveys that almost 25% of divorces in the U.S are subject to physical and emotional abuse. Alcohol/drug addictions and financial deficits are common triggers of aggressive behavior in men and women. Violence in any form shall not be tolerated, so getting rid of the unhealthy relationship is always a wise decision.

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