Torrance Divorce - there are several ways of obtaining a Judgment of “Divorce”  or Dissolution terminating your marital status: Default – This occurs when your spouse refuses to answer or participate…

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Custody and Visitation

Custody and Visitation Attorney Kevin Kensik Torrance California. If you have children, the time you spend with them is invaluable and irreplaceable.  Your time with your children will not only…

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Torrance Child Support Attorney Kevin Kensik. Child Support –  This is determined by “Guideline” or the Family Code. The courts often use a program called “Dissomaster”; Alimony – Also known as…

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Restraining Orders

Torrance Orders Of Protection Attorney Kevin Kensik Law. I have successfully obtained many Restraining Orders to protect clients, their children, spouses, and extended family members and friends. Orders Of Protection…

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Property Division

Torrance Property Division Attorney Kevin Kensik Law. Property, Assets, Debts, Financial Accounts, and other Personal and Real Property. One of the most complex and frustrating parts of a divorce is…

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Torrance Retirement Planning Attorney. Additionally, Attorney Kevin J. Kensik also is very familiar with various private and government retirement plans and funds including:    CalPERS    CalPARS    LACERA  …

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