How Divorce can be a Good Thing

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How Divorce can be a Good Thing

How Divorce can be a Good Thing – Today’s guest blog is by the Law Offices of Carlos L. Williams. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Attorney Kevin Kensik.

How Divorce can be a Good Thing

How Divorce can be a Good Thing

Life is too short to waste over a toxic, unhealthy, or unsatisfying relationship. Getting a divorce is never an easy step, but it is probably a reasonable one if you have considered it. Attempts to save a marriage are great, as many issues can be resolved through discussion and mutual understanding; in many cases, a couple’s therapy or marriage counseling has made a huge difference. Sometimes all efforts are in vain, and getting in touch with a qualified divorce attorney is inevitable.

Your Comfort Zone is an Illusion

Many people hesitate to end a marriage because it gives them a false sense of security. Breaking or changing patterns seems challenging, so they suppress their true colors and allow their partner to control them. Being identified as someone’s wife or husband takes over one’s personality, and the person forgets who he/she really is? Divorce helps a person reclaim their hopes, dreams, and characteristics as an individual. They get to realize that their existence has value on its own and independence feels good. Living alone is better than giving in to a relationship that makes you unhappy or miserable.

The Kids are Better Off

Many mothers and sometimes fathers want to sustain a marriage because of their children. The universal belief is that children from broken homes grow up to be psychotic or sadistic; this only happens if they receive awful parenting after the divorce has happened. If both parents are problematic, the children will suffer no matter what. One bad parent or two of them will not make much of a difference. Kids will thrive as long as their guardian is a positive influence; one supportive guardian is better than two abusive or neglecting ones.

If you really care for your child, then being a single parent might be the best option. Spouses that are constantly fighting or arguing cannot provide a healthy home environment for their offspring. If one spouse is dominant and the other is submissive, the scenarios a child witnesses may leave him/her scarred for life. Such children may develop into an adult who is either passive-aggressive, lacks confidence, or possesses severe trust issues. When one or both parents can provide a healthy upbringing separately, the kid will certainly turn out fine. The only thing you have to worry about is getting sole child custody.

New Opportunities for Personal Growth and Happiness

When we restrict ourselves to enduring or maintaining a toxic marriage, we miss out on all the good things life has to offer. Getting rid of a negative person opens new doors; we see everything with an open mind and heart. We can pursue a career, meet new people, and try things we were afraid to do before. One failed marriage does not define you, nor is it a full stop to your story. It is in fact a new beginning, where you have more wisdom to make better decisions in the future.

Love May Rekindle

Some people are true soul mates, yet they grow apart or become distant. Love is complicated and occasionally you need to lose it, in order to appreciate its presence in your life. More than 10% of couples in the U.S remarry or get back together post-separation and filing for divorce. The time apart helps them discover their own flaws and recognize the virtues of an ex-spouse. When one or both individuals realize that they complement each other and can make things work, reconciliation takes place.