6 Scenarios Where Filing for Divorce is the Right Choice

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Filing for Divorce

6 Scenarios Where Filing for Divorce is the Right Choice – Today’s guest blog is by the Arcaro Law Group. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Torrance Divorce Attorney.

Filing for Divorce

6 Scenarios Where Filing for Divorce is the Right Choice


Most marriages start out as a union of two people in love, but times and circumstances change. Some couples are able to maintain their bond through ups and downs, and some fall apart. The problems in every marriage are not the same, so divorce is not the best solution for every couple. It is not uncommon for partners to fight and then make up later. Nonetheless, some conflicts are beyond repair or return; family law is complicated that way. When a marital relationship becomes toxic, it may be best to walk away. There is no point in suffering for the sake of children or something else.

1.      An Abusive Relationship

Domestic violence should not be tolerated under any circumstances. Children who witness or get exposed to domestic abuse are scarred for life, so preserving the marriage will not do them any good.  Physical and psychological abuse are both injurious to your health, and may eventually take your life. Divorce is the best way to liberate yourself from an abusive relationship and start anew. Mandeville Personal Injury Attorney suggests opting for a litigated divorce, so you have the opportunity to hold your spouse responsible for their actions, as well as claim compensation for your pain and suffering.

2.      An Unrelenting Addiction

If your spouse has been struggling with an addiction for a long time and they are not making an effort to get better, it is time to save yourself. There are many types of addictions that ruin a marriage, such as substance abuse, alcoholism, oniomania (shopping addiction), and gambling. These addictions have several social and financial implications that become unbearable for the sober partner.

3.      The Marriage feels like a Competition

If your partner constantly makes you feel on edge, it has to be difficult living with them. When everything you two do together becomes a game where you’re either winning or losing, consider it a red flag. This behavior shows that you do not consider each other as equals, and thus you shall never be able to work as a team. Marriage is a partnership that requires you to work together rather than treat each other as rivals. The competition will exhaust both of you, and promote feelings of hate that will only grow with time.

4.      Your Relationship is no longer a Priority

When work, a social life, or something else becomes more important than your significant other, it’s a sign that the marriage is over. There is usually no room for affection, as you are two people living separate lives under the same roof. You seldom spend time with each other, and when you do, the interaction is cold and limited. The loveless marriage becomes a formality that only comes in the way of living your life to the fullest.

5.      Inability to Forgive

Human beings make mistakes and they are capable of learning from them. If your spouse did something to upset you, you may choose to forgive them out of love. They might promise to never repeat that mistake and abide by their word. The marital bond becomes stronger when a couple overcomes their clashes and differences. However, it can be extremely difficult to pardon your spouse’s betrayal or disloyalty. If you cannot convince yourself to forgive and forget what they did, it is better to move on. Let them go if you know that you will never trust them again.

6.      You’ve had an exit strategy for years

If you’ve been thinking about ending your marriage for a long time, it shows that you are unhappy with your relationship. There is no doubt that you have repeatedly envisioned an independent or different life and even prepared for it to some extent. You may have opened a separate savings account, looked at real estate listings in another zip code, and jotted down the contact info of every divorce attorney in your neighborhood. Stop delaying the inevitable and talk to your spouse about getting a divorce.


6 Scenarios Where Filing for Divorce is the Right Choice