What to Avoid If You Got Injured At Work

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Injured At Work

What to Avoid If You Got Injured At Work – Today’s guest blog is by the Pacific Attorney Group. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Torrance Divorce Attorney.

Injured At Work

What to Avoid If You Got Injured At Work

You might have seen at your workplace, people getting serious and real work injuries. Some cases become unnecessarily difficult. If you are in such a situation, the Los Angeles work comp attorney suggests some things that the claimant should avoid doing.

Avoid Doing Activities Outside Of Work

Insurance adjuster interviews the claimant in workers’ compensation cases (cumulatively in trauma cases). One such question in this interview includes what type of activities the claimant does outside of employment.

Sometimes, injured workers deny that they also have another job, or they chop their own wood for fire due to the fear that claims will be denied based on these physical activities. The insurance company might deny the claim that the worker is doing the second job. But the chance of winning a trial is high.

It will be difficult for the claimant if they deny their strenuous hobby or second job when an insurance company will find the truth. The claimant can face an uphill battle as the truth always comes out.

Deny Any Past injuries or Pre-existing Conditions

Insurance reps ask if the claimant has a pre-existing injury or some treatment was going on when the injury happened which usually the claimant denies. If the injury of the type of job aggravated the pre-existing condition, then the insurance company and employer are responsible for the injury.

However, it will become easy for the insurance company to convince the jury that the complaint is filed based on the current problem. If the workers’ compensation claimant has a pre-existing problem, then it’s not a compensation defense.

Lying or Exaggerating Symbols

Medical testing experts can often detect if the claimant is lying about injuries. Another way of losing a claim is lying or exaggerating about the injury condition.

Taking Improper medical treatment

Not following the instructions of the doctor or missing appointments can become a part of the defense argument that the claimant was not following the requirements of the medical care due to which condition got worse than it should not be when got hurt.

Covering up Accident Details

Sometimes, claimants decide to hide the injury details that they think to make their selves responsible for or in some way make them appear foolish. Hiding this is another way of lying about the injuries that worker compensation judges can conclude and affect your claim.

Running Down the Employer

After a work injury, it is very natural to have a negative feeling about the employer or person responsible for your injuries at the workplace. However, avoid any argument with the responsible party.

Moreover, avoid telling your unhappiness with a guilty party to the adjusters or doctors. It will help them to bring a defense argument that injuries are not much serious and it is just the grudge that the claimant is exaggerating about the injuries.

Being Rude During the Process

Injury at work makes you stressed at the workplace. The whole process of workers’ compensation is annoying and slow. However, try to be polite with everyone you deal with at the workplace. Any disturbance with someone can disprove elongates your claim.

What to Avoid If You Got Injured At Work

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