Custody and Visitation

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Custody and Visitation

Custody and Visitation Attorney Kevin Kensik Torrance California. If you have children, the time you spend with them is invaluable and irreplaceable.  Your time with your children will not only affect your future but your children’s and family’s future as well. Divorce and Paternity cases require a good custody and visitation parenting plan. The custody arrangement will also ultimately determine the amount of child support to be paid.

Custody and Visitation Attorney

Custody and Visitation Attorney


The plans for your children are very complex, case-specific, and require a number of factors and family dynamics including the number children, their ages, schooling, extracurricular activities, special needs and schedules of the parents.  I have settled and litigated a number of child custody disputes.  Specifically, I have resolved the following cases:

  • Custody disputes- Legal and Physical;
  • Move-Aways – both in the U.S. and International;
  • Restraining Order Custody Disputes;
  • Disputes over Children with special needs including:
  • I.E.P.’s (Individual Educational Plans
    • 504 Plans
    • Children with Spectrum Disorder
    • (Autism, Anxiety, Asperger)


In addition to handling these cases, I often deal with Custody Evaluations, (Family Code 3111, Evidence Code 730), Evaluators, Child Therapists, and Private Custody Counselors.

Child Custody Cases are complex.   Please call me to discuss the very specific facts in your case.  – Torrance Divorce Attorney Kevin Kensik

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