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torrance divorce

Torrance Divorce – there are several ways of obtaining a Judgment of “Divorce”  or Dissolution terminating your marital status:

  • Default – This occurs when your spouse refuses to answer or participate in the divorce case.   The Court will enter a Judgment with the appropriate relief;
  • Uncontested – This can be done when both parties come to an agreement on their own and work together to enter a Judgment or “Marital Settlement Agreement”;
  • Mediated –   The lawyer can act as a “Mediator” to settle disputes or come to an agreement;
  • Collaborative – The parties retain a “team” of attorneys, mental health professionals (coaches) and financial professionals;
  • Litigated – The traditional court -dispute resolution model. Our firm handles all of these approaches.  Make sure to discuss all of these options with Attorney Kevin J. Kensik.   In addition, Attorney Kensik can also explain these other options:
  • Annulment/Marital Nullity –   This can be obtained from the Court but is not always simple.   It also depends on the length of the marriage and the facts of the case.  This is different from an annulment from a religious organization;
  • Separation/Judgment of Separation – The “Date of Separation” and Judgment of Separation are 2 different things – Make sure to discuss these with Attorney Kevin J. Kensik;
  • Paternity – This is also referred to as a Judgment of “Parentage”.  Our firm handles these cases;
  • Prenuptial Agreements – Our firm prepares and reviews these.   Make sure to give both yourself and your spouse plenty of time before the marriage to negotiate these and for proper financial disclosure;
  • Post-Nuptial Agreements – Can be made by the parties after, and while still married. Again, there are specific legal requirements that must be followed.


torrance divorce

Torrance Divorce

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