Restraining Orders

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Restraining Orders

Torrance Orders Of Protection Attorney Kevin Kensik Law. I have successfully obtained many Restraining Orders to protect clients, their children, spouses, and extended family members and friends.

Orders Of Protection Attorney


Restraining Orders are often filed in the following cases:

  •    Domestic Violence;
  •    Harassment;
  •     Threats;
  •     Stalking;
  •     Unwanted Contact;

I have also defended many wrongfully filed Restraining Orders as well. Restraining Orders vary in type, duration, and seriousness:

Emergency Protective Order- Usually issued by the Police in the Event of alleged violence.  These last only Five (5) days.  If you require a longer order You must get one from Court;

Domestic Violence Restraining Order – (DVPA) these are Initially issued as “TRO’s or Temporary Restraining Orders.   The Court can make them last as long as Five (5) Years;

Civil Restraining Orders – Similar to DVPA’s – but used against Unrelated Third (3rd) Parties;

Criminal Restraining Orders – Issued in a Criminal Matter- May Also require a “DVPA” to modify things such As Child Custody, visitation, etc.

If you have had a Restraining Order wrongfully issued against you, I defend these also.   Don’t risk Jail, loss of employment, loss of reputation and future earnings by trying to defend these yourself.  Call me, Attorney Kevin J. Kensik Torrance Orders Of Protection Attorney.

Orders Of Protection Attorney


Our Law Firm accomplishes this by thoroughly evaluating all the details of a client’s case, including the circumstances that gave rise to the dispute, the financial circumstances of the client and his or her spouse, parent-child relationships, and overall family dynamics. By striving to understand each client’s unique fears regarding his or her family law dispute, and his or her goals for resolution our Law Firm can then craft strategic legal campaigns that effectively resolve disputes and help clients achieve their financial and familial objectives. After all, it’s your life; you should be involved in the decision-making process.